Eye of the Tiger...Cat Scratch Fever...Don't Stop Believing...The Search is Over...Seperate Ways...Stranglehold...High On You...What I Like About You...On The Dark Side...Can't Hold Back...Show Me the Way...Burning Heart...C.I.T.Y....Hey Baby...Is This Love...Just What The Doctor Ordered...Talking in Your Sleep...I'm Always Here...One In a Million...

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chuck giacinto keys keyboards piano organ

Chuck Giacinto



chuckgiacinto keys keyboards piano synth organ


Chuck Giacinto - keyboards



There’s no denying Chuck Giacinto’s ability to play the keyboards with unflinching technical precision. Outside of backing Kevin Chalfant and the Voices of Rock Radio, the varied musician's co-writing credits include Chalfant and Grammy Award winner Jim Peterik (of Ides of March/Survivor fame).

 “I grew up listening to all of the songs in this show and it’s a privilege to play them,” says Chuck, who's shared the stage with Journey's Steve Augeri, Joan Jett, Ted Nugent, and Davy Jones among others. “But we’re also putting a fresh slant on these classics and kicking them up a notch.”    








                    Ralph Gardner        Mike Higgins           Tim Higgins          Randy Hatzer

                         lead guitar             acoustic guitar                 drums                         bass 


chuck giacinto keys keyboards piano organ



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